Here at SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS, we do a lot of angry ranting about things. Perhaps you’ve noticed?

Railing against the never-ending shit shower of misogyny and sexism that is the patriarchal world in which we live is cathartic and all, but it does get exhausting at times. Which is why it’s important to take occasional breaks from the rage and focus instead on the good, beautiful, affirming things in life.

Like cats.


Meet Destiny, one of several adorable animals you’ll be seeing repeatedly on this blog.

Destiny is old — at least 17, though we’re not exactly sure. People always think he’s much younger because he’s really small. We assume he was the runt of his litter.

Destiny was rescued from a dumpster behind a McDonald’s when he was a tiny kitten. We’re not sure if someone threw him in there or if his mom put him there. What we do know is that, to this day, he will FREAK OUT if you bring french fries anywhere near him.

The person who found him misdiagnosed his sex, which is why he has a traditionally female name. The name stuck, though, and anyway, Destiny doesn’t care about your assumptions and encourages you to let go of your rigid sex and gender paradigms. He’s cool like that.

Here’s another picture of him:


I came into Destiny’s life about 15 years ago. Like all cats, he is awesome. He enjoys sleeping and he meows a lot, particularly when he wants you to feed him, which is all the time. He used to be fairly mischievous but he’s mellowed out in his old age. He snores now. (Is there anything sweeter than a snoring cat?) He’s constantly getting all up in my business; right now, for example, he’s decided to sit directly in front of me as I’m trying to type. He’s purring contentedly, though, so I’m putting up with it. [Edit: he just wiped his snot on my hand and then tried to bite me. Little jerk is lucky he’s cute.]


In conclusion: I love my cat, all of us here at SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS are big fans of animals and you can expect to see more of them in the future.