It’s not easy getting old — for people or for cats.

The past couple of weeks have been rather rough for poor Destiny. He had to go to the “spa” (that’s the code word for “vet” in our house) THREE TIMES.

The first time was for routine blood work — Destiny has a thyroid condition for which he requires pills; always a fun time trying to get a cat to ingest a pill twice a day, I highly recommend it.

Happily, his levels were all good but he has lost some weight (Destiny is tiny so any weight loss is kind of a big deal). Further blood work revealed higher-than-normal levels of an enzyme related to liver function and led to a recommendation that he receive an ultrasound at a different clinic.

I got to be in the room for the procedure, which involved him being held down by a gentle-but-firm nurse while the vet shaved his abdomen and checked him out. My role was to pat his head and tell him he was a good boy in an attempt to reassure him that he was OK, even though he very clearly felt that HE WAS NOT OK, as evidenced by much hissing and yowling and thrashing.

It’s such a helpless feeling when your pet looks up at you in fear and confusion, and you realize you have no way of explaining that you are actually trying to help him.

Anyway. Turns out his liver is normal but his pancreas is enlarged, for reasons that are not clear though likely nothing too serious (fingers crossed). And so, off we went to the usual vet for a precautionary antibiotic shot, and now I get to give him another pill!

Destiny seems completely fine; he’s his usual sleepy, occasionally cantankerous self. However, there has been some confronting of feline mortality going on around these parts by the humans, which has led to indulgences; little fella has been getting extra snugs — and little-to-no punishment for doing things which he knows are EXPRESSLY forbidden.

I was going to take some pictures of Destiny’s shaved areas but then I decided that was just adding more humiliation to the multiple traumas and indignities he has already endured.

Instead, please enjoy these shots of him looking adorable.

Destiny-the-cat-1 Destiny-the-cat-2 Destiny-the-cat-3