The cat posts are currently outnumbering dog posts 2-0, so it’s time to introduce you to the cutest fella in the whole wide world.




Let’s all take a moment to bask in his glory.

Frequently called ‘Mr. GQ’ by that one supes friendly neighbour whose name I don’t remember, Samson is an 18-month-old Maltese/Shih Tzu cross, aka a Malshi — or, when he’s bad, a Shitty Tease. But he’s not bad very often. He’s a very amiable guy, although he does have the tendency to try to clean the ears of guests.

Samson is named after another amiable guy: John K Samson of Winnipeg band The Weakerthans. His parents are GIANT music nerds.

Samson’s likes include stealing things out of Mommy’s gym bag and then running around with them because that’s HILAR, sleeping, snugs, walks, car rides, chasing squirrels/tennis balls, getting brushed, treats and Lulu, his GF. She’s a leggy Border Collie with freckles. A real girl next door type. Literally.

Lulu isn’t the only lady in Samson’s life. He also enjoys semi-regular playdates with Lexi, a Bichon, and Frankie Lou, a Frenchie. He’s a ladies man, but not in a gross way. He’s a feminist ally.

Samson’s dislikes include small children (too unpredictable), joggers (same reason), people on bikes (because WTF is that thing?) and that really big dog behind the tall fence (scary). Also: being photographed with freshly cut hair (embarrassing).


He’s neurotic about the placement of his food/water bowls (they must be under the CENTRE of the kitchen window). He likes to sit on the back of the couch like a cat.

He’s also irrationally territorial with the laptop. He’s here right now.


‘de-43vp[  <Samson wrote that. I think it says, “Walk me.”

I’ll leave you with one last photo.


D’awwwww. Like an angel. On a cloud.