The Mindy ProjectCourtesy Fox

YOU. GUYS. I’m still not over what happened on The Mindy Project last week, so we’re going to have to talk about it. And I’m actually a little stunned more people aren’t talking about it.

Now, I believe we can and should be critical of the things we love — because apparently I’m your grandmother — and I love me my Mindy. What I don’t love is when a show I love makes light of rape, and last week’s ep did exactly that.


Allow me to set up the scene: Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) challenges Dr. Leotard (James Franco), the new ‘Dr. L’ in town, to a shots-off to regain her office at the practice. I’m lazy, so I’m operating under the assumption that if you’re reading this, you have a working knowledge of what’s happening in Season 2 of The Mindy Project. (She got a bad haircut and went to Haiti and it was this whole thing.)

ANYWAY. Mindy goes into the shots-off prepared (read: she ate a loaf of bread for dinner) and, I don’t know, wins I guess while The Other Dr. L gets black-out drunk (those are his words; file that factoid somewhere for later). Mindy helps him to his apartment but can’t locate his keys. As he’s laying in the hallway, looking like James Franco (ASKING FOR IT, AMIRITE?), Mindy decides to steal a kiss. He cries out and SHE PUTS HER HAND OVER HIS MOUTH and says, with the intonation of an ax murderer, “Nothing happened, you liked it,” before LEAVING HIM IN THE HALLWAY.


And then it gets worse.

Christina, the ex-wife of The Other Dr. L’s roommate/Mindy’s co-worker Danny, arrives to drop off some of Danny’s shit (apparently in the middle of the night, I don’t know). She gets The Other Dr. L off the floor and into the apartment, but not before she practically winks at the camera before shutting the door, implying that some decidedly non-consensual sex was about to go down.


So, what, The Other Dr. L is incapacitated, hot and therefore somehow sexually available to Mindy and Christina? That’s TEXTBOOK date-rape logic right there. Replay the scene above in your mind with the roles reversed. Suddenly it’s all very SVU, isn’t it? We’d have no problem calling that a date-rape scene — and calling The Other Dr. L a rapist.

The scene as presented works under a few problematic (and widely held) assumptions: a. men don’t get raped because b. men ALWAYS want sex and are ALWAYS in control; and c. women can’t be sexual predators because d. men ALWAYS want sex and are ALWAYS in control.

Basically, everyone in the writers room lost their minds and decided: “SEE!? It’s cool cuz it’s the MAN. Get it? LOL.”

Again, THAT’S NOT OK. In fact, that’s horrible.