Photo by desegura89 on Flickr used under a Creative Commons License

Thinking and writing about rape and rape culture — as one does fairly frequently when one is a feminist (and, in particular, a feminist blogger) — can be exhausting and enraging and demoralizing.

The constant victim-blaming. The willful ignorance about the many cultural norms that inform our collective attitudes about sexual relationships and consent. The suggestion that women falsely accuse men of rape all the time, and the almost pathological need to point out in EVERY FUCKING CONVERSATION about rape that hey, men get raped too (as if feminists say they don’t) while simultaneously — and oh so conveniently — overlooking the fact that men are the ones doing most of the raping, regardless of the gender of their victims. The comparing of women’s bodies to inanimate objects in need of locking up.

Sometimes, in response to it all, you just want to type the words “blargh shut up shut up shut up why is everyone the worst blargh vomit ugh” 7,000 times, drink a bottle of wine and call it a night.

And then you read a brilliant and hilarious piece of satire that PERFECTLY highlights the outrageous and horrible and extremely damaging attitudes (and actions!) that rape culture helps create and perpetuate, and you laugh and laugh and laugh and your soul is nourished and you’re ready to face the next round of rape culture bullshit when it inevitably comes because, let’s not kid ourselves, we all know that shit is just around the corner.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is that brilliant piece of satire, courtesy of Laura Grey over at online news magazine Reductress.

Read it and behold its glory. You’re welcome.