Nellie_McClungHappy Canada Day, everyone!

Normally, I’d be outside drinking on a patio (as is Canada Day tradition) but the weather in Winnipeg is crappy and rainy, so instead I’ve spent a large part of the afternoon on Twitter.

Lucky for me, because I happened upon Evan Munday’s rundown of his Top 12 Heritage Minutes!

For all you non-Canadian and/or younger readers, Heritage Minutes were short videos produced in the ’90s to teach us Canadians about some of the important people and events in in our nation’s history. These things aired repeatedly on Canadian TV and when I say repeatedly, I mean it. If you are of a certain age, you can probably recite some of the most popular dialogue by heart. (“Doctor – I smell burnt toast!”)

Anyway. Today seems like a fitting day to share a few Heritage Minutes featuring some noteworthy Canadian ladies.

Behold, one-minute history lessons on:

Suffragette Nellie McClung (pictured), a Winnipegger, making her that much cooler, obvs); War of 1812 heroine/chocolate store namesake Laura Secord; Jennie Trout, the first woman licensed to practice medicine in Canada; and Agnes MacPhail, the first female member of Parliament and the subject of one of my Top 2 all-time favourite Heritage Minutes.

Hooray for kick-ass Canadian women!