6275095161_ea23e1cbfd_b Oh FFS. Another Halloween fast approaches and, as it does, we are once again regaled with all manner of costume ideas, including an assortment of stupid, sexist, culturally appropriative and/or racist costume ideas. BAD, BAD COSTUME IDEAS.

This seems to happen every year nowadays. Remember last year, when Jen chronicled 10 things we here at SIAC hate about Halloween? Yeah.

At one point, I thought I had seen it all. (HAHAHA THE NAIVIETY OF YOUTH.) In 2007, for example, when I first learned about the existence of a sexy “Anna Rexia” costume (tag line: “You can never be too rich or too thin”), I thought to myself, “This is it. This is really the lowest of the low.

By trivializing and sexualizing an often-deadly mental disorder — using a buxom woman, no less — we have officially reached peak grossness.”

I was wrong.

Paying attention to Twitter in recent days, as one does, I came across what I assumed was going to be this year’s winner in the awful Halloween costume department (and by winner I of course mean loser).

Sexy Ebola nurse.

Yes, Virginia, humans are the worst. (Also: there is no Santa.)

As it turns out, the first version of this costume that I encountered (which, can I just reiterate so we’re all on the same page, is HORRIBLY OFFENSIVE TO THE THOUSANDS OF ACTUAL PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED AND/OR ARE CURRENTLY DEALING WITH THIS HIGHLY INFECTIOUS AND OFTEN FATAL DISEASE) was a fake.

Or rather, it was a real costume, just not a “sexy Ebola nurse” costume. In fact, it was a DIY Sexy Walter White from Breaking Bad costume. (WHUT.)

Of course, it wasn’t long before a real, genuine sexy Ebola costume for purchase surfaced (tag line: “Fighting its disease is no reason to compromise style”). Because people are the worst. Hooray for capitalism!

Really, though, none of this matters, because the award for this year’s worst costume idea, as unilaterally decided by me (also, there is no award) does not go to “sexy Ebola nurse.” Nope. This year’s award goes to the MULTIPLE PEOPLE INCLUDING A CHILD (weep with me, Jesus) who decided to dress up as the now-former NFL player Ray Rice and his wife, Janay, in a manner that specifically references the infamous assault committed by Ray against Janay in an Atlantic City casino elevator.

(Should you like to read more about this assault and the subsequent discussion about intimate partner violence it inspired, Jen wrote about this topic, too. Basically, she does most of the work around this blog. I just rant occasionally and use inappropriate amounts of parenthesis.)

Many of these folks also chose to dress in blackface for their costumes, BECAUSE MOCKING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ISN’T BAD ENOUGH, MIGHT AS WELL THROW SOME RACISM IN THERE, TOO.

At this point, I feel the best — nay, only — way to clearly express my feelings is via this cat GIF:

When I was little, my mom would rip up a bed sheet into strips and wrap it around my snowsuit and I would go trick or treating as a mummy. Times have changed, man. Times have changed.

Photo by bwats2 via Compfight