Destiny the catDestiny, looking particularly judgmental.

Confession: Despite being ‘a cat person,’ I have a soft spot in my heart for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I have been known to gasp when I realize it’s on. I have been known to live-tweet it. I have been known to cheer loudly (and occasionally boo loudly) while watching it. Because it is all about judging and cute animals. AND I AM ALSO ALL ABOUT JUDGING AND CUTE ANIMALS.

The 139th WKC show was broadcast over the past two nights, and I watched the bulk of it with my cat, Destiny, on my lap. He likes the show, too. (I used to have a picture of him sitting super-close to the TV, watching it intently.) That and he’s lazy. This, along with our mutual love of salty snacks, is probably why we get along so well.

Every year we root for the working dogs — aka the huge breeds because they are awesome (a dog you can ride? YES PLS) — and every year we are usually disappointed with the dog who wins that particular group because it’s never one of the gentle giants like a Cane Corso or a Tibetian Mastiff or a Leonberger.

This year was no exception: a Portuguese water dog named Matisse moved on to the finals aka Best in Show. (The Leonberger came second. SIGH.)

The finale of the two-day televised event is, of course, the Best in Show judging, with seven dogs competing for the elusive honour.

None of my favourites having made the cut, I had joined the crowd at Madison Square Garden in raucously rooting for Swagger, a hilariously fluffy Old English Sheepdog. The TV announcer was clearly rooting for Matisse. And if I had to pick an underdog (ha), I thought Rocket the Shih Tzu could potentially take it because his markings made him look like a member of Kiss (and also, I found out later, he is owned by Patty Hearst. WHUT.).

ANYWAY. Shocking everyone, the evening ended with an upset victory for Miss P the Beagle! Only the second time in the WKC’s history that a Beagle has emerged victorious. AND SHE’S A CANADIAN!

Congrats to you, Miss P.

Love, Marlo and Destiny