Amy Schumer is my queen.

Tuesday night’s episode of Inside Amy Schumer was a treasure trove of comedy/commentary — such as Milk, Milk Lemonade, Schumer’s booty-jam parody/male gaze send-up, and the perfect Last Fuckable Day, in which Amy stumbles upon a picnic at which Patricia Arquette, Tina Fey and Julia Louis Dreyfus are celebrating Julia’s Last Fuckable Day — the day in every actress’s life when “the media decides when you finally reach the point where you’re not ‘believably’ fuckable anymore.”

“But what about men?” Amy asks. “Like, who tells men when it’s their last fuckable day?”

Response: LAUGHTER.

But by far and away the most-talked about sketch was Football Town Nights, a Friday Night Lights parody that incisively comments on rape culture in football as well as the ways in which hypermasculinity contributes to that culture. (NO REALLY. THIS HAPPENED. ON TV.)

It is horrifying and smart and funny. And it works, because it punches way, way up. Give me jokes about rape culture over rape jokes any day of the week.