This is a feminist blog. If you’ve never been exposed to feminism before, we highly recommend you lurk for a while before commenting. Hang out, read some posts, read the comments, do some reflection and maybe do some preliminary research into concepts with which you are unfamiliar (here is a resource which may help).

You don’t have to be a feminist to comment but it would probably be helpful for you to have at least some understanding of the issues we are discussing before you start commenting on them.

A special note to all dudes: if, after reading something, you feel compelled to leave a comment that begins, “As a man, it’s been my experience that …” stop. No, really – just stop. This may shock you, but most people are already familiar with the male perspective on things because it has been promoted and reinforced ad nauseam throughout pretty much every aspect of all cultures since forever. This blog is not about the male perspective on things and if that’s what you’re looking for, this probably isn’t the blog for you.

We are not necessarily unwilling to explain certain ideas to you – but then again, we may not be in the mood to do so. It’s not our job to personally educate you and if we take that task on, it’s out of the goodness of our hearts, not because you’re owed it.

Fair warning: asking questions about basic feminist concepts such as rape culture or male privilege could result in eye-rolling and/or mockery. Arguing about the existence/validity of such concepts is strongly discouraged and could get your comment deleted.

Enforcement of our commenting guidelines will be left to the discretion of whoever is moderating comments on any particular day. Basically, if we feel like deleting your comment, replacing it with something else and/or banning you, we’ll do it. There probably won’t be consistency in how we handle things. We’re moody like that. Who knows? We could be on our periods and you know how that makes people …

It’s totally fine to disagree with us. Honest. In fact, sometimes we ourselves disagree with each other! (We know, right? Hard to believe.) However, if you disagree and feel like expressing that sentiment, aspire to do so in a way that doesn’t make you come off like an asshole.

This blog is not a democracy and we are not an all-powerful government. This is just a little space on the Internet that we are carving out for ourselves – and others – and if you want to be a part of it, that’s awesome, but you follow our rules. Whining about free speech!!1!1 and accusations of censorship!!!1! will likely be met with derisive laughter and/or ridicule.

Generally speaking, refrain from hate speech of all kinds. Be respectful of others. Avoid trolling. Be open to being challenged on your opinions. Try not to derail. No bullying.

Pithy jokes, relevant personal anecdotes and interesting insights are encouraged. Profanity is welcomed, though be aware that using certain words will lead to your comment getting caught in our filter until we release it.

Thanks for reading our blog. We look forward to interacting with you.