Jen Zoratti

Jen ZorratiJen Zoratti is the founder of SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS: another feminist response to pop culture. She is also a staff opinion columnist/receiver of hate mail at the Winnipeg Free Press, Manitoba’s largest daily newspaper and Western Canada’s oldest. Recognition for her work at the paper includes, but is not limited to, a blog post entitled “Dog’s Mommy Applauds Human Abortion.”

This blog began as a weekly column for Winnipeg’s (Canada) online journal Spectator Tribunebefore it grew into this website.

For nearly a decade, Jen was a music journalist. She was music editor of ’Peg’s now-defunct alt-weekly Uptown Magazine (RIP) for several years, and has written about artists for the Free Press and CBC — as well as Huffington Post Canada Music, Spinner Canada, Chart Magazine and several other publications that no longer exist. She jokes about the fact that her resume is a graveyard of shuttered publications and by ‘jokes’ she means ‘weeps softly.’ Follow Jen on Twitter.

Marlo Campbell


Marlo Campbell has a degree in women’s studies and spent seven years as an outspoken, unapologetic feminist voice in Winnipeg media, working as the in-house opinion columnist for Uptown Magazine, again RIP. (Basically, she got paid to bitch about things. It was kind of a dream job.)

For three years during that time, she also wrote a bi-weekly opinion column for the Winnipeg Free Press. She was once described in a letter to the editor as “the most offensive writer you have in your paper.”

Marlo loves dissecting and critiquing pop culture as much as she loves consuming it. She swears a lot and drinks more than she should but her heart is in the right place.  Follow Marlo on Twitter.

Nicholas Luchak


Nicholas Luchak is SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS’ token heterosexual dude.

He’s a graphic designer/illustrator living in a small city that runs rampant with graphic designers. He can’t even take his trash out without having to shoo a few off of the back porch.

As a graduate of Red River College’s graphic design program, Nick landed a job as the webmaster (…and editorial cartoonist, events listing manager, illustrator, graphic designer, writer and social media personality) for the aforementioned and unfortunately canned Uptown Magazine.

Since the publication’s untimely demise Nick has kept busy with various freelance design jobs and daydreams of creating an off beat, yet endlessly entertaining, animated series. It would feature giant robots and people with animal heads.

In his spare time Nick likes to look at what you’re looking at on your iPhone when you aren’t looking up. Follow Luchak on Twitter.